Pipeline rehabilitation made easy

Primus Line® is an innovative technology for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipelines for different media such as oil, water and gas. The process is based on a flexible high-pressure hose and a connecting technology, which has been developed specifically for this system.

The oil industry is facing new challenges as a result of damage to steel pipelines caused by internal corrosion. Possible leakages might cause significant environmental damage; they also mean increased costs or even loss of reputation for network operators.

Primus Line® is suitable for the renovation of oil pipelines due to the medium-specific inner layer and acts as a corrosion barrier between the transported fluid and the host pipe.

Fluids to be transported cover media from categories such as crude oils, fuel oils, oil slag and other refined products (for detailed information please request our Chemical Resistance Sheet).

Most suited enviroments

Pipelines often run through environments that are hard to access. Obstacles to an easy and fast rehabilitation of ageing pipes can be of geographical, economical, architectural or environmental nature.

Primus Line® easily overcomes those obstacles and is uniquely suited for projects in the following areas:

Safe and reliable

• 100% quality control during the manufacturing process and before shipping
• No curing, steaming or adhesion process
• Independent of weather conditions during installation
• 50+-year lifetime

Operational Advantage

• Minor installation footprint
• Minimum use of equipment
• Decreased impact on traffic

Technical Advantage

• Installation through multiple bends of up to 45°
• Withstands thermal expansion of the host pipe and seismic movement
• Fully flexible seamlessly woven aramid fabric
• Customized connectors enable optimal integration into your system

Cost Advantage

• Quick re-commissioning for minimal time of service interruption
• Installation speeds of up to 10 metres per minute
• Up to 2,500 metres per pull
• Low pre-investment for installers
• Small pits and reduction of road work

Applied Worldwide

Rely on experience!

Rädlinger has been active in the construction industry for more than 55 years.

Today, Rädlinger primus line GmbH is part of the Werner Rädlinger Group with about 400 employees. With more than 15 years of experience in trenchless pipeline rehabilitation and projects in more than 40 countries, Primus Line® belongs to the leading technologies in the field of trenchless pressure pipe rehabilitation in the world. Primus Line relies on Germany as production site.

A global partner network and own branches in Australia, China, Canada and the USA grant a fast and smooth project handling on site.